About Us

Tormenta Tango is a not-for-profit organisation based in and around Altrincham and South Manchester and we organise a guided practice session (practica) to allow local dancers to improve and practice their dance skills in Argentine Tango.

Our goal is to help improve the quantity and quality of Tango dancers in Greater Manchester and the North West.

Tango’s roots from the working people of the Rio de la Plata area led to the evolution of the most elegant social dance, with a strong emphasis of the beat and underlying rhythms along with a sensual embrace with a partner. Tango is a feeling that is danced. Because of this, we believe it is inadvisable to improvise and create or practice new movements during a social dance (milonga). This is why we have organised a practica space. To give dancers the ability to practice, and create. We don’t see ourselves as leaders in this only as experienced dancers who are willing to share our knowledge with the community. We also want the rest of the community to share their knowledge and ideas with us and less experienced dancers. In this way we hope to improve the community as a whole in a similar way to the origins of Tango itself.

In the future we also aim to organise social dancing events (milongas) around South Manchester.